Engineers Wiper Cloth Service

"The green alternative to paper rolls and scrap rag"

We understand that engineering cloths need to be strong and hard wearing. That’s why we created our engineer cloth, made pacifically for the engineering trade. These cloths are 30% heavier than our standard printer cloth and our red in colour to be kept completely separate. Obviously in most engineering workshops produce swarf and the wipes we receive back will contain swarf. Once the wipes have been washed and dried, before they are packed they all go through a metal detection machine. Any offending wipes are then sorted through by hand to ensure no metal is returned to the customers.

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Keep your work area tidy, reduce your waste and your environmental impact by choosing a laundered wiper cloth service.

  • Reduce cost of waste and environmental impact, with a fully laundered service.
  • Clean wipes are delivered and soiled wipes removed at each service call.
  • Processed entirely separately from our printer and garage wipes.
  • After being washed, dried and inspected all wipes are metal detected.
  • Our engineer wipes designed to withstand heavy usage.
  • Each cloth is 100% cotton
  • We offer ‘fixed monthly charge’ or ‘as used’ pricing
  • Check our ‘storage solutions’ page for a list of wiper storage containers.
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