Recycled Printers Wipe Service

'hassle free, fully compliant, fully managed wiper cloth service’

Our cloths are made from 100% cotton and are up to four times more absorbent compared to throw away rag and paper wipes. Strong and solvent resistant, they are by far the best product on the market for a variety of  applications within the print trade.

The service also completely eliminates the problems associated with waste disposal and duty of care regulations. The wipes are recycled and reused unlike other forms of wipes which need to be disposed of correctly at your own additional cost. Once our cotton wipes are used they are collected by our ADR trained drivers at no extra cost. We supply you with UN3175 bags or containers so we can transport your soiled wipes. All the wipes are processed in the UK in a state of the art processing plant which is fully compliant with all aspects of washing with the Water Board and Environmental Authority procedures.

  • Swarf free 100% cotton wiper cloths
  • Available in two sizes:
  • Standard  10" x 10" (200 per bag)
  • Jumbo     18" x 18" (100 per bag) 
  • Dedicated "set day" service calls to remove soiled wipes & replenish stock with fresh clean / laundered wipes
  • Subject to usage, we can offer a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or an "on request " service package
  • Immediate delivery/ installation from our "vast" circulating "pool stock" of over 1.5 million cloths
  • Continuous daily injection of new wipes into the system to ensure a high standard of cloth at all times
  • Probably, the most competitive supplier of wipes within London, Southern and South Eastern England.
  • Two types of wiper bin available for the storage of soiled wipes
  • Unlike some wipes companies, we can offer an ‘as used service’ meaning you simply pay for the wipes you need.

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