Cabinet Roller Towels

Belmont Services continues to offer the highest standard of cabinet roller towels. The cotton roller towel provides the best option for quality of hand drying, energy consumption and the environment.

Our cotton roller towel will:

1) dry your hands more quickly than paper or air blowers by at least 40%, 
2) will consume about 60% less energy.
3) will provide about 80% less waste.
4) and almost 50% less greenhouse gas emissions. 

Cotton roller towels (CTR’s) can be used up to and beyond 100 times, which equates to about 40,000 paper towels.

The bottom line is that CRT’s are the most cost effective, efficient, environmentally friendly and hygienic way to dry your hands.


VAT Dyed Blue


Composition: 100% Cotton

Construction: 16 x 7 / 76 x 30

Weight: 215 g/m2 +/-

Size: W: 27cm X L:38 M


Our Cabinet Roller Towel Services

"The INTEGRA roller towel cabinet provides 'comfort like home' hand drying experience for the end user"


Classic White
Deluxe Chrome
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