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Clear, superior vinyl disposable glove

A single use clear vinyl disposable for a wide range of applications where dexterity is required. Available in - large or extra large – powdered or powder free. 100 gloves per box – 10 boxes per case.

£26 a case



4mil Blue nitrile disposable (plus range)

Blue nitrile high quality glove with an AQL rating of 1.5. This robust disposable glove is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Latex free – available in large or extra large. 100 gloves per box – 10 boxes per case.

£40 per case


Premium Lightweight Green Gauntlet

Premium lightweight green nitrile gauntlet designed for applications where chemical and mechanical protection is required.

Reusable – available in Medium, Large or extra Large. 10 pairs per pack.

£12.50 per pack



Centre feed rolls

A quality centrefeed offering both absorbency and economy. 6 rolls per case.

£13 a case


Mini jumbo toilet

Standard white, 2 ply perforated rolls. 12 rolls per pack.

£14.25 per pack.


Conventional toilet roll

White 2 ply soft toilet tissue offering quality at an economical price. 40 rolls per case.

£17.20 per case.


Paper hand towels

c-fold, 1 ply paper hand towels. C-fold hand towels provide effective hand drying and are ideal for high usage areas. Box contains 2400 towels

£16 per box


Monster rolls

A 2 ply premium quality paper roll. 2 rolls per pack. 875 sheets perforated.

£20 per pack.


Air Fresheners

Multi-phasing, passive deodorizer system using no aerosols, propellants, solvents, HFCs, batteries, gels, wicks or liquids.

Completely organic fragrance refill, water based.

VOC Exempt.

Dispensers can be wall mounted or free standing

Five fragrances – Cool mint, Cucumber melon, Apple orchard, Ocean spray and Citrus mango

Please call for details and prices



Sanitex soap service

The Sanitex MVP dispenser combine next generation dispenser design with luxury soaps, promoting maximum hygiene and leaving hands clean.

Fully managed soap service available.

Please call for details and prices


Liquid soap

Bulk fill dispensers and bulk liquid soap.

Pink pearl – Effective hand soap for general soil, light oil and grease.

Antibacterial – A powerful antibacterial soap, recommended for food prep areas, kitchens, nursing home ect. Box = 2 x 5 ltrs

£15 per box


Lemon Beaded Hand Gel Image Here
Lemon Beaded Hand Gel

Removes grease and grime from the hands and skin. Plastic beads aid the cleaning action whilst being gentle on the skin. Free rinsing, leaves hands clean and soft. Contains the natural emollient lanolin.

£26 per pack

Pack: 2x5ltr containers, and one hand pump.



Red refuse sacks

General use refuse sacks – boxed – 200

£30 per box
UN3175 bags

Tested and certificated to UN3175. Extremely strong bags. Must be used for transporting soiled print wipes.

Each sack 40p


Air Freshener Image
Fire Retardent Wiper Collection Bins 'Latch Ring@ Lid (Red)

£25 each

Pedal-operated Lid Bin (Silver)

£95 each

Both bins easily hold a bag of 200 solid wipers

Also available - reconditioned silver bins