Dust Mats and Barrier Mats Collection and Cleaning Services

Do you have a mat at your home, inside and/or outside your external doors?

These mats are specially designed to capture dirt and moisture before it enters your premises. The “Pile” is designed to grab and hold dirt close to the base, ensuring the mat looks good until time for the service. Servicing the mat is needed to remove the dirt and reactivate the “Pile” ready for use. 

Fact 1

Simply vacuuming the mat will only remove the surface dirt. The mat will still be full below the surface. This means grime will be tracking into your building .

Fact 2

Using a jet wash will ruin the pile and render the mat just a little better than useless.

A weekly or fortnightly exchange service will provide your premises with the following benefits:

115cm x 85cm (4’ x 3’)
85x150 (5’x3’)
180cm x 115cm (6’ x 4’)
300cm x 85cm (10’ x 3’)

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